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Translation services

Novilinguists’ core business is translation, software localization and independent reviews for select customers carried out through our translation and in-house Quality Assurance departments. We also provide post-editing of machine translation processed files on request. The company develops and strengthens its position on the global market because it focuses on what it knows best: localization services for Information Technologies, Videogame Industry, Medical Sciences and Marketing Communication. To ensure the best possible output, the company works with skilled local language professionals to provide authentic localization and cultural adaptation of the content so that a ‘whole culture’ experience is re-created for the user. We have an in-house Quality Assurance (QA) department to provide the highest output possible. Our company works closely with a strong base of translation specialists and reviewers to serve the tailored needs of our customers.

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Consulting services

Our partnership policy
In view of serving our "global" customer with a complete set of services and understanding the many complexities of the international market, Novilinguists strives to outperform in creativity and innovation by also providing internationalization services in addition to linguistic localization.
It does this through the creation of strategic partnerships with a few dedicated and trusted companies and consultants located both in Italy and in other parts of the world.

is an approach to business strategy specifically designed to solve any logistical and organizational challenge a company is confronted with as it expands its supporting content, assets and message across cultures and markets to new clients. Our extensive consulting services are entirely, or in part, outsourced to our partners to ensure the highest possible level of service.

Our policy ensures our customers are fully satisfied as tasks are allocated to companies who provide such specialized services as a core business.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), also known as corporate responsibility, corporate citizenship, and responsible business, is a concept whereby companies consider the interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact of their activities on customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, communities and other stakeholders, as well as the environment.

This obligation extends beyond the statutory obligation to comply with legislation and sees organizations voluntarily taking further steps to improve the quality of life for employees and their families as well as for the local community and society at large

Below are some comments
from some company leaders who have used our services  and from some satisfied translators who have developed a sense of belonging to Novilinguists. All of this enhances our brand identity and confirms we try to forge relationships by adopting a "Novilinguists" approach. A new language applied to translation and everyday business.

"I was introduced to Maurizia in December 2007 as she was looking for business contacts in the consumer electronics industry. Since then Maurizia and I have kept a good level of business exchange including new venture opportunity and more generally business development, ethical leadership and political views. I've found Maurizia to be a high integrity and extremely helpful contact. Swift and diligent in her communication and work, Maurizia has proved to be a highly reliable, trustworthy contact."

March 30, 2009, Naymz Reputation Network
Mr. Jean-Marc Taverney, International Business Development at TBA

Maurizia is a brilliant professional well involved either in business and social activities: very rearly I could meet in my life someone who could mix those two points of view producing such a melody that satisfies heart and balance sheet. She and her partner are two of a pair always supporting each other and transfering their experience to people around them: it is a privilege to be linked with them.

March 11, 2008, LinkedIn
Oliviero Armezzani, Executive VP Convert Italia

"A company made by persons who are committed to offer a highly professional service and who keep the human element at the centre of any activity, rather than considering this profession a mere business enterprise".

March 13, 2008, Naymz Reputation Network
Simona Marchetti, freelance translator and interpreter